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  • "I can safely say that I was unprepared for experiencing such a leap in UI design for web applications. I've never seen such attention to detail in a web app's UI - and the best part is, the interface is still so responsive, unlike most hefty JS apps (try, for example, using Google Presentations). I sincerely hope this sets a new standard for all of us web developers for usability in our web applications. Thanks 280 for pushing us forward." - Matthew Moore
  • "280 Slides is a very impressive presentation app that ... runs smoothly and seamlessly. On Mac OS X, it's easy to forget that it's running in a browser and not directly on the desktop." - Chris Foresman, Ars Technica
  • "280 Slides, turns making beautiful, web-based presentations into quick work." - Brett Terpstra, TUAW
  • "Slides 280 [looks] like the future of web based programs and is by far the most polished web app I have ever seen or used." - Matt McCarty
  • "I think I'm more excited and inspired by what the guys at 280 North are doing than by anything else I've seen on the web in a long time." - Buzz Anderson
  • "280 Slides combines the best of cloud computing with the best of local computing. The ability to create and host presentations online means that you can avoid the cost of proprietary software. The option to download your presentations locally allows you to access them in instances of not having an Internet connection." - Free Technology for Teachers

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  • "@hortovanyi Wow I spent 90 secs in 280 Slides and easily tried out a slideshow - it looks great. Thanks for the link." @hollingsworth
  • "FYI: + 280 Slides = pimp shit" @bryanculver
  • "280 Slides is the coolest web app I've ever come across." @erbmicha
  • "280 Slides is a dream come true. I especially like the picture/video feature, the Kuler color palettes and the export/share options." @skddc
  • "Jesus. I know I'm 16, but I'm so disappointed in myself for being unable to do anything like 280 Slides. That product is just amazing." @karanlyons
  • "Wow, 280 Slides is cool... It really feels like desktop App, but it's not... Check it out at" @Sebdude
  • "280 slides is pretty amazing" @kupuk
  • "Just tried "280 Slides" for the first time. This is so cool. I will never use much of Powerpoint again! :-)" bitnacht@
  • "Checking out 280slides. Wow. Why doesn't google docs do anything close to this?" @graiz
  • " is incredible. But you realize just how incredible when you start using it." @mrandre
  • "It appears that MS PowerPoint was produced with the sole intention of making me angry and unproductive. Thank goodness for" @dejong

User E-mails

  • "For a web app, heck for a Cocoa app, 280slides has a beautiful interface! Thanks so much for making it such a pleasure to use; keep up the good work!"
  • "Truly breathtaking; wave of the future for online apps. Good work."
  • "Bloody hell, this is one of the best web apps I've ever seen. Kudos to your team!!!"
  • "You guys are blowing my mind. Absolutely amazing. It's the little touches like Shift for proportional resizing, the pixel-perfect layout of the controls and just the overall lickability... I'm really looking forward to the source release of your frameworks."
  • "Guys, this is amazing, what a piece of art! I am working in the field of web applications, and i just fell in love with this one. Smooth, reliable, no plugins (finally), and damn the shapes, how did you manage to come up with such a smooth performance?!, my sincere congrats for this. Brilliant!"
  • "WOW! Anyone who doesn't think application as services aren't the future hasn't seen 280 Slides. Amazing work!"
  • "This is some 31337 shit."